NATIONAL JUDGMENT INVESTMENT CORP. (NJIC) is a recognized leader in recovering commercial accounts receivable and locating assets of judgment debtors in order to satisfy money judgments. NJIC's staff is comprised of experienced collection attorneys, paralegals and business professionals. Unlike traditional "collection agencies", NJIC provides collection and litigation services to recover outstanding accounts. All accounts are worked from placement through post-judgment recovery. Through a network of experienced attorneys, we can pursue debtors anywhere in the world.


To begin, fill out our Claim Request form and submit it to us online, by telefax at 215-646-9521 or call us at 215-646-9520.


If you already have a judgment and are seeking to execute or locate assets, submit those requests to us online. Our asset searchers are highly skilled and can uncover assets worldwide.


Do you require commercial litigation to recover your accounts receivable? NJIC can help. Simply contact us today. Let NJIC professionals provide your business with debt recovery solutions today for a more profitable tomorrow.

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